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Hi I’m Mary!

I’m a wife, a mom to 3 children, and a Board Certified Health Coach. As a child, I struggled with being overweight and not understanding how to use food as fuel. I loved sugary cereals, processed snacks, doughnuts, and soda. I was 60 pounds overweight by the time I was in high school and struggled for years trying to lose weight by exercising and yet it never came off because I kept eating the same things. I was sick all the time and my gut was a mess. As a teenager, I developed OCD and struggled with that for 10 years of my life. My brain wasn’t getting the nutrition it needed. After the Lord set me free, I met the love of my life and had our first child who struggled with sensory issues and ADHD. He’s the reason I do what I do. I learned how nutrition affects our brains, our gut, and our bodies. There are so many different dietary theories out there and it’s hard to know which one YOU should pick to try. As a Board Certified Health Coach, I have answers and I know what it feels like to want to lose weight and to struggle with finding the right plan to follow.

You’re Ready To Make Changes

You’re ready to make the necessary changes for lasting results.  You’re ready to learn how to manage sugar cravings, increase fruits and veggies, reduce inflammation, restore your gut and use food as medicine so you can THRIVE !!

How would it feel to have a daily strategy to follow, a step by step guide?

Wonderful, I know.  Then I’m your girl!

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What They Say

Mary, I want to thank you for your health coaching! You helped me with so many things regarding my health and well-being! You are a blessing and I’m so glad I signed up for your coaching! I will highly recommend you to others. Cheers to better health!

Nancy H.

Mary listened intently as I explained the situation with my son’s fixation with certain foods and she followed with questions in order to fully understand our situation. She was able to draw on her own knowledge, experiences and training as she laid out a plan for next steps for us to follow.

Tracy M.

I am so grateful to have Mary’s guidance in my life. Since implementing many of her recommendations, I have noticed some improvements in my son’s behavior as well as his ability to focus in school.

Mindy S.


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